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About Us
Ozone Polyform Private Limited is a part well established business group in India actively engaged in marketing chemicals to a gamut of industries since more than two decades in business and representing companies of repute. A believer in an unlimited possibilities, Ozone definitely is a positive chemical formula for the Vendors as well as Customers hence ensuring Quality products reach the customers far and wide at competitive price. Ozone India focuses its interests mainly on Refined Glycerine, Soda Ash, Salt, Sodium Bi-carbonate, Palm Oil Derivatives, Castor Oil & Derivatives to name a few. A comprehensive knowledge of the industry enables us to provide optimal solutions for both buyers and sellers, in a complex technical and economic environment.

Quality Policy

At Ozone, we practice High Intention, Sincerer Efforts, Intelligent Direction & Skillful Execution, which leads to Quality the result of wise choice of many alternatives. We firmly believe in delivering 'Quality products at Competitive prices' with a customer centric approach. Our strength comes from a deep analysis of the market and its trends from a global perspective aiming at utmost customer satisfaction backed by efficient service network. Our aim is to deliver the best product fit as per the customer requirements and to continuously improve customer contentment.

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